God, I am such a wiener. I haven't updated this page in forever. Sorry again. Been here, been busy with other things. Consistency has never been my strong point. Procrastination, on the other hand...

Have been writing a lot all spring in The Paradox of Vision. Crossposting at The Wild, Wild Left. To be honest, however, I'm weary. I feel like I've been beating my bloody head against a wall. I go through these periods where I am passionate about making my voice heard politically, even if it echoes back to me, and when I am despondently apathetic, unable to force myself to read any more stories or blog posts about how horrible things are here politically. Safe to say I am moving into the latter. I feel guilty about it, this being an election year and all, but I've learned not to force myself to attend to things I am sick of. The time will come round again.

Have been writing, short stories and such. Got a couple more rejections, but still one out there having passed the first test. Started a story earlier this week but then realized that I want to work on a novel. I want to write a novel, and finish a first draft before the end of the summer. Spend the fall revising & rewriting, and then send it off to agents and/or publishers before Christmas.

So I opened up my trusty word processor this morning, propped the keyboard on my lap, and waited. Nothing. The program is still open, as a matter of fact, staring at me with that, 'come on back, you know you have to eventually' look. I know, damnit, I"m coming, just give me another minute.

I want to buy my name, start a real website also. Somewhere I can post pieces I've written, start eliciting an audience. Getting some feedback. Rejections so often come with a form letter only, so I've no way of knowing if it's good, bad, or just not right for them. I love criticism, especially the bad stuff. Not easy to come by, however.

Right. Ok. Back to that blank page...

07 May 2008


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