The First Day of Spring

...has arrived and I am infinitely glad. The vague sense of grey melancholy that descends upon me somewhere in mid-January begins to lift like a fog burning off in the light of the sun. And it's not the sunlight, per se, that carries me up and's the greening of the world. The leaves and grass anchor things for me, and give me comfort. It's not the lack of sun that is the culprit in winter. It is the lack of life and vitality. I survive in winter time - I live in the spring.

So, to celebrate, I went out yesterday evening and took a bevy of pictures from my blossoming garden. Enjoy.

And for those of you who are still in the grips of ice and snow, take heart - the warm air is drifting your way, and it will arrive soon...

All images copyright 2009, Lynette Mejia.

20 March 2009


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