Back for a Bit

It's that time of year - May. This has become for me a month filled with end-of-school-year programs, award ceremonies, field trips, etc., etc. Yesterday was all day at a field trip out of town with my daughter, this morning was a P.E. program for my son, and Friday is another field trip with him. Yeah, I know I could miss them and stay home to work. But how many more years do I have? Not many. When they were born I made a vow to myself to not miss a thing, and it has been worth every bleary-eyed, WAY too early morning rise. Still, a girl's gotta have a right to whine now and again.

On a totally unrelated note, I have a little happiness to announce: The Absent Willow Review chose my story, "The Last Fairy Tale", as their Editor's Choice Award winner for the month of April. I was thrilled, to say the least. It's a really big deal for a new writer to have someone say, 'hey, not bad work.' Getting little things like this takes the sting out of the rejection pile, makes it feel worthwhile to keep going.

Miscellaneous catching-up to do today, paying bills, answering email, etc. Then novel work. Tomorrow I'll be out again, visiting my best friend in Slidell who had surgery on Monday. Thursday I'll be back, but out again for Friday, and possibly through the weekend. (Hey, it's Mother's Day weekend. I deserve it.)

05 May 2009


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