Procrastination Station - Wednesday

Every morning I make it a ritual to waste copious amounts of time wading through my Google Reader feeds. As a new feature, I'll be posting a few each day to share the love and waste some of your time too. You're welcome.

The moon and various planets will be waltzing together in amazing ways in the days to come. Check out their Halloween Sky Show.

Creepy Urban Legends (that happen to be true).

MTV has announced a new music site, where they've got over 16,000 videos for you to peruse. I wasted a good 20 minutes here. (via MentalFloss)

Also from Mental Floss, Dr. Aas' Miracle Poo Cure. Are you a donor or a recipient?

The always hilarious xkcd, today with mayhem of an unusual size. "I have few principles, but I stick to them."

Via Netorama, Squirrel kabobs from England. People in my neck of the woods are saying, "What the hell's so new about eatin' squirrel?"

Also from Netorama, Famous Horror Movie Trivia: Everything you ever wanted to know about Jack Nicholson's backaches.

And finally, I feel sorry for this guy, I really do. Not bad enough that everyone on the train knows about your most embarrassing moment...just wait till the news wires get hold of it.

29 October 2008


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