Procrastination Station - Thursday

Here are some things that caught my eye today and gave me a few minutes of good, wholesome procrastination time. Remember to share and help someone you love put off the things they're supposed to be doing.

If all you know about Stephen Hawking is his work as a theoretical physicist, check out this article, written by the man himself. Too bad his speech synthesizer can't be recorded with a British accent.

On this date in 1969, the first message was transmitted over ARPANET, and the world was changed forever. Via Edge of the American West.

How much Halloween candy can you haul around? If you carry a pillowcase, about 48 lbs, it turns out.

Via Dark Roasted Blend, Caves that will astound you with their beauty and complexity.

A workshop at Emory University in Atlanta teaches teachers how to teach evolution. Some of their students scream "NO!" and wonder why they have to learn about evolution if it's just a "theory." Fighting ignorance one step at a time. Are we advancing as a society?

And finally, the top 10 Astronomy Pictures of 2007. An older post but still a goodie. Black holes on Mars and visualizing dark matter. Really, too beautiful for words. Enjoy the wonder of our universe, and marvel at our tiny place in it.

30 October 2008


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