Procrastination Station - Holy Crap I'm Behind Edition

Beautiful day here today - after weeks and weeks of endless blue sky and dry as hell weather, we are finally in the midst of a significant rain event. Now, don't get me wrong, I love cool, crisp, sunny fall weather. But give me a break. I love the rain as well, and it's been far too long...

Terribly behind on all the work I have to do. NaNo is suffering, so I'll have to put in a long, long day to try and catch up. I didn't get anything done yesterday except for grocery shopping, so today is nose to the grindstone. That goes for procrastinating too - not nearly enough yesterday - I didn't even get to make this post. As a result, I have a long list for you today, so sit down, push that stack of paperwork somewhere you can't see it, and enjoy.

First, on writing:
Writing Advice to My Younger Self - Matthew Cheney on chilling out and finding your voice.

Is NaNoWriMo a good way to motivate potential writers or a drag on everyone else who's "serious" about getting published? I think if your work is good enough you shouldn't give a damn.

Next, Science (And Politics):

World's Oldest Temple discovered in Turkey. This makes the alternate-universe-archeologist me just tingle with delight. Unbelieveably cool.

The Phoenix Lander says goodnight. Thanks for all your hard work, little guy. Sleep well.

5 Myths About Recycling. Get off your butt and save the planet. It's worth a little extra time. Besides, you could be procrastinating while you sort that trash - it's a classic interpretation of the First Rule. (Do something else, anything else).

The story of a doctor who treated his patient's leukemia and ended up curing his AIDS. Genetic mutation as its most useful.

Do archeological treasures belong to the countries that occupy the sites, or to mankind as a whole? Curators and politicians throw down.

How do you know when you're dead? When God says you are, that's how. Of course, he never figured on life support...

Of course, if the LolCat of Death comes for a visit, was nice knowin' ya.

The attitudes toward science of the Republican vs. Democratic tickets. Oh sweet patootie I'm so glad Obama won.

And, finally, a few miscellaneous items thrown in for good measure:
The Canadians are proud of us. Now that's saying something. For the record, yes I do drink the kool-aid. Sorry, I'm a believer. I love America so much mainly because of the myth. It's what makes us always want to be better.

The men behind your favorite liquors. Wow, I thought a lot of these were made up.

An interview with the man who collects all things Aleister Crowley. Interesting, if creepy.

Last, but certainly not least, make chocolate cake for one in a mug. That's it. I can die now.

12 November 2008


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