Procrastination Station - Monday Wake Up Call

Roughly over 3000 words on the novel this weekend, though I am still woefully behind. As soon as I finish this procrastination business, I'm unplugging from the net and going to work. Must...catch...up. Hopefully by the end of this week I'll be cruising along without a care in the world. Or not. The book is a big, fat, P.O.S. so far, but Chris Baty assures me that this is not only perfectly normal, it's expected. We'll see about that. Focusing on NOT focusing on how crappy it is has taken up as much energy as the actual writing. Hopefully, though, this experiment will teach me how to write a book. And if I can't make this one work, the experience of learning how will lead to bigger and better things.

In the meantime, come waste some precious daylight with me. Here are a few things that I found interesting this morning...

From 15 famously filthy people. All I can say about this one is...ugh.

Of course, this led me (naturally) to: 5 Famous Authors and Why They Were Perverts, followed shortly by 5 More Famous Authors That Were Perverts.

Letters From Johns and Letters From Working Girls - Projects by journalist Susannah Breslin giving an anonymous voice to those who work in and patronize the sex industry. Interesting stuff, not as cut and dried as many of us would believe.

Newly discovered differences between men and women. Interesting, but the article makes an excellent point - your grandmother could have told you most of this stuff.

The World's Biggest and Most Expensive Green Homes. Well, their hearts are in the right place...

An interview with author Gregory Maguire. I'm reading A Lion Among Men right now, and I'm loving it. His prose is absolutely magical and flawless. I wanna write like this when I grow up.

And finally, An Open Apology to Baby Boomers. My generation finally learns about the hope and optimism that comes from changing the world.

10 November 2008


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