Red Sky at Morning

Storms predicted to move in later today. Oddly enough, this thought is calming to me. I love nasty weather. A warm cup of cocoa, out on my back porch to watch the lightning flash across the sky - I can't think of a better way to spend an afternoon.

I'll be offline for most of the day today, for upgrades in the hardware and software on my desktop. I may pop in via laptop from time to time, but it's doubtful. Most likely I'll be so frustrated that I'll end up screaming and wanting to throw every electronic device I own out the window. On the other hand, maybe it will all proceed as smooth as freshly churned butter and everything will be fine. Yeah, right.

Anyway, enjoy your day, oh interwebs. It's Friday, after all, and a storm's comin'.

15 January 2010


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