Welcome, Pansies!

I'm so happy that I live where I do. Today, it was actually warm enough for me to wear shorts as I did my daily gardening chores. When I trimmed away the freeze damage from my perennials, I noticed little shoots of green beginning to poke up from the soil. The world is waking up again, slowly. In another couple of weeks, the daffodils, pansies, and snapdragons will come into their own. Soon after, the azaleas will bloom and the trees will start to bud out. I can't wait. I come alive again along with the Earth. We'll see a few more weeks of on-and-off cold weather I'm sure, perhaps even a couple more light freezes, but still, it's coming, and it lifts my spirits. I'm not sure I could live in a place where there are snows into April. I'd probably end up pulling a Jack Torrance.

Also, I finally got back to work on the novel today. The plot is coming together so quickly I have a hard time getting it down fast enough. I'm furiously scribbling notes as I write, hoping I don't forget anything. The notes are starting to form a little nest, however. I need to organize them, maybe by chapter, or by character. I think I'll work on that tonight.

In any case, I'm working, the sun is shining, and Persephone is coming home. Can't get much better than that.

21 January 2010


L. 'Ailina Laranang said...

Hi, Lynette. Got here via Blogger's location search for Lafayette.

I see you're a writer with a novel-in-progress! We already have two things in common, then.

I feel very lucky to have sniffed out your blog, as I see you like to blog your progress on your novel. I tend to do the same because it helps me focus on the fact I'm making some progress.

Hoping some of your good work ethic rubs off on me!

Carinthia said...

Hi Ailina, and welcome! It's great to connect with other writers, especially in the Lafayette area. Take care, and good luck on your novel. I'll check out your webpage - keep me posted!

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