Every Single One of Us, The Devil Inside

48 degrees this morning, a virtual heat wave compared to what is forecast for tonight and tomorrow, when temperatures are expected to reach into the teens overnight. Tomorrow we're not predicted to rise above freezing all day, something that hasn't happened since the mid-1990's. I took a short walk in my garden this morning, deadheading a few roses and pulling up some broccoli plants gone to seed. Nothing really to do until the temperature rises again this weekend, however, when I can damage assess and begin cleanup.

It's been odd here the last few days, as the LOML is off to exotic Singapore on business. I'm lonely for him as always when is away, but my sister is visiting, and her presence has taken up at least some of the vacuum of silence that settles in whenever he is gone. We are watching old movies and chittering like two little girls again, and I've enjoyed it immensely.

I'm reading a biography of Truman Capote, something I never thought I'd pick up. Somehow, he fascinates me. I think this has more to do with his personality than his writing, which I find good, but not necessarily awe-inspiring. What I do find interesting, however, is that he was never ashamed of who he was, never tried to hide his uniqueness. He never tried to fit in with the conventions of his time - in fact, just the opposite - and that quality is what drew people to him, I believe. He was brave, outlandish, and completely at ease with himself, in a time when homosexuality was, in many places, still a crime. It wasn't the kind of courage required to protest in the streets or write letters to the editors of newspapers - it was the kind of courage necessary to completely be one's self day in and day out, and damn the consequences, and it worked spectacularly for him. We should all strive to be a little more Truman-esque, I believe, to cultivate our unique qualities and never be ashamed of who or what we are. We might all find ourselves a little more tolerant of others if we did.

Ok, well that's your combination book review/soapbox rant for the day. I'm off to write, gather some more materials for my graduate school application, and (hopefully) find some time to enjoy the rainy, dark weather.

A couple more pictures from the garden walk this morning:

07 January 2010


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